Project: Highway 2 – Dawson Creek 8th Street to Rolla Road

6 km of Highway 2 from two lanes to four lanes including, intersection improvements, highway electrical illuminations and intersection signalization, municipal works with waterline relocation, sidewalks and associated works.

Some of the major quantities are:

  • 25,000 m3 stripping; 
  • 140,000 m3 crushed gravel;
  • 110,000 m3 excavation;
  • 1540 m of new culverts and installation;
  • 3500 m of water, sanitary and storm pipe;
  • 45,000 tonnes of asphalt paving, and new curb and median islands;
  • 7600 m underground electrical;
  • removal of 755 m of culverts;
  • fencing, guard rail, catch basins, Hydro seeding, geotextiles.