The Commitment to a safe work place and the environment are priorities at Brocor Construction Ltd. By implementing a proactive attitude within the organization beginning with management.

“Because Safety is a priority, Brocor Construction Ltd. has a formal Safety Program, a Certificate
of Recognition, SAFE Certification, and we have a membership with Complyworks. Our Environmental, Health and Safety program is for our employees and customers’ benefits. Our attitude is that all accidents are preventable and through various avenues, we can work to eliminate work place hazards.”

We believe in 3 key values:

  1. Employee Training: Our company is only as good as the people who represent us. The training we provide for our employees reflects that commitment. It not only benefits our staff but our customers and the environment. (Employee’s require TDG, WHMIS, First Aid Training, and various other certifications as required by our clients).
  2. “Drugs and Alcohol are Strictly Prohibited: Brocor Construction Ltd. has a strict drug and alcohol policy in place to protect our employees from the hazards of drugs and alcohol in the work place.”
  3. Protection of the Environment: As shown with various projects that we have participated in, Brocor Construction Ltd. is committed to a clean and healthy environment.